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Infused with the power of exotic botanicals + pure essential oils, skin gives your mind and body the essentials it needs for balance, radiance and tranquility.


body and facial elixirs

Our body and facial elixirs are infused with essential oils that are good for your body and mind.  Indulge in the refreshing aromas of exotic botanicals like Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, Jasmine and Eucalyptus.  Use them to uplift your spirit or unwind after a long day.  Add them to your meditation routine and best off all give your SKIN The Essentials that it needs to glow!

bliss bath bombs

Our Bliss Bombs are handmade to perfection.  Layered with Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan Sea Salts, we've added infused exotic botanicals from around the world to make sure that your bath and shower experience is invigorating and purposeful!!


our motto


Feed your skin, cleanse your soul