SKIN care 101: Face Washing Mistakes


Word on the street is that dermatologists recommend washing your face twice a day- That’s 730 times a year!!  

We get it!! It’s the end of a long day and all you want to do is crawl into bed for a good night’s sleep. But first you’ll need to wash away all the pollutants, dirt, make-up and dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin, tone, moisturize and sometimes give yourself a facial. 

BUT are you doing it correctly? 

A consistent skincare routine may seem like a no-brainer however, there are certain techniques that will leave you with healthier skin and ensure that you aren’t wasting precious time and effort washing your face the wrong way!   With the right methods, you can even help to prevent premature sagging, wrinkles, gross breakouts and other unwanted blemishes!!


We’ve compiled the top ten most common face washing mistakes and provided some solutions on how to correct them, so that you can start putting your best face forward!!

  1. Wrong Cleanser

Choosing the wrong cleanser for your skin could mean the difference between clear skin, moisture loss, or not getting your skin clean at all! Generally, you can choose from cleansers that are cream, foaming or gel. If you have acne-prone skin you won’t want to pick up the cream cleanser. And likewise if you have dry skin, the gel cleanser will strip you of needed moisture.

2. Hot  Water

Never wash your face with extremely hot water as it can strip your face of natural oils and  inflame skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.  Lukewarm water is ideal for cleansing and rinsing.

3. Only using Facial Wipes & Miceller water

We all have days when we don’t feel like washing our face.  Although the convenience of facial wipes and micellar water is great, washing your face should never be substituted with only those products.  They can occasionally be used for a quick post-workout wipe down, but they won’t get your pores as clean or thoroughly remove your oil and makeup.


4. Over or Under Cleansing

Twice daily is the recommended number of times to cleanse your skin. If you cleanse too often, you’re not giving your skin enough time to balance out but if your are washing too seldom that mean you are probably leaving behind free radicals and day to day dirt from the previous day on your face.  Ekkk!!

5. Under Rinsing

Be sure you’re completely rinsing all of your cleanser off with water. Leaving behind a residue will eventually clog your skin and could interfere with your moisturizer retention which is vital for plump skin.

6. Towel Drying

There is nothing wrong with using a towel but  you want to avoid rubbing your skin dry especially if you are on the sensitive side and after a exfolianting treatment. Gently patting is ideal after cleansing. Any tugging and rubbing can damage your skin’s elasticity and lead to premature wrinkles.

7. Stopping Short

Many women and men are great at washing their face but stop short and forget about their jawline and neck. You’ll want to bring that facial cleanser all the way down to your décolleté (where your neckline and chest meet). Just like you’ll want to moisturize and protect that area with sunscreen, you’ll also want to regularly cleanse it.

8. Not Using Eye Makeup Remover

If your cleanser stings your eyes, or doesn’t remove your eye makeup thoroughly, you’ll want a separate eye makeup remover. If you don’t use one, you’ll be tempted to pull and rub the eye makeup off with a washcloth or towel. Never pull at your lashes to remove mascara, the delicate skin around the eyes is the first to show signs of aging.

9. Over exfoliating with too much pressure

Scrubbing off makeup with a rough washcloth or abrasive scrub can cause tears on delicate facial skin. Try exfoliating your face in gentle circular motions with a microfiber facial cloth or a baby brush without damaging your skin. Over exfoliation can dry out skin, so be sure to follow up with a luxurious moisturizer.


10. Waiting to Moisturize

Moisturizer should be applied to damp skin, never wait for your skin to completely dry after washing your face. Pat with a towel, but leave your skin damp while applying moisturizers to allow easy absorption into your skin.

Are you guilty of any of these mistakes or did you pass with flying colors?

Not sure where to start or want to tweak your existing SKINcare routine?? Download your SKIN reset calendar below!!