Join Our Infusion Program

SKIN The Essentials is a multi-functional, multi-benefit, solution-oriented skincare brand for women, with crossover appeal to complement men’s grooming routines. Our products are created with the highest-quality ingredients and are easy to use.!!

We are seeking SKINinfluencers who are passionate about self-care and mental health, enthusiastic to incorporate SKIN into their lifestyle, and enjoy creating content.


  • Upon approval, you will receive a welcome package loaded with lots of great brand information, and a product of your choice at a generous discount.

  • Recognition and promotion on our social networks. We will feature and credit our influencers on our social media pages.

  • A chance to become a sponsored influencer. We want to begin by forming relationships with influencers through the exchange of discounted product! After a 30 day testing period, you may have the chance to become one of our sponsored influencers based on performance results, which may include exclusive products and a commission on any purchase made using your dedicated code.

  • A personalized code or dedicated link to share

  • Product training

  • Exclusive looks at pre-launch products

Hello from SKIN The Essentials CEO, Nyah Chapman


A influencer takes ownership of the brand through representation and word of mouth. Usually, the influencer also shares the values of the brand. The company aims to increase brand awareness with publicity and exposure to a larger public.  

The role of a influencer is to

  • Represent the brand on her/his channels,

  • Educate readers and followers about the why this brand is special

  • Share the values and missions of the brand. The brand wants to be proud of it’s influencers and at the same time we want YOU to be proud to be connected with the brand.


Thank you!